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VOLGA (v1)


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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1998-VOLGA-01

Series: Fifteen (1998)

Volga was released as part of the fifteenth series (1998) in the Oktober Guard three pack with Colonel Brekhov and Lt. Gorky.

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Volga came with a black power javelin, a black camera, a dark green backpack, and a black battle stand.

Packaging Information

Filecard Information

File Name: Janack, Daina L.
SN: Classified
Grade: Lieutenant (equivalent)
Birthplace: Ostrava, Czechoslovakia
Primary Specialty: Small Arms Specialist
Secondary Specialty: Helicopter Pilot

VOLGA is the lone female OKTOBER GUARD team, and her team-mates often make the mistake of underestimating her skills. So have her adversaries. This has proven to be highly detrimental to the forces of COBRA and others that have challenged the Oktober Guard. Volga is a skilled tactician, second only to Colonel Brekhov himself, a world-class sniper, and a helipcopter pilot of considerable talent. Her personality is somewhat of a mystery. She has a surprising sense of humor, but in the midst of a conflict, is all business. Her deepest commitment is to the team. She doesn't care if she has to sneak or fly to the battlefield, or stand on ridge away from it with a long-range weapon, as long as she does her part.

FROM COLONEL BREKHOV'S FILES: "I'm never sure what to make of Volga. I've never liked the idea of women in combat in the first place. If it had been up to me, Volga would fly us to the mission and then leave. But how do you tell someone not to fight who's so good at it?"


No variations of Volga (v1) are known to exist.

Body Construction

Volga's torso, arms, waist, and legs were originally used to create the original Lady Jaye (1985).

Versions of Daina

While Volga could conceivably be a unique character, her real name and filecard description match that of Daina. Evidence also exists that strongly suggests Volga was originally intended to be Daina. Therefore, we have opted to list them as the same character.

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