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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1997-ROCKNROL-05

Series: Fourteen (1997)

Rock 'n Roll (v5) was released as part of the fourteenth series (1997) in the Stars and Stripes Forever boxed set with Breaker, Grunt, Scarlett, Sgt Zap, Short-fuse, Snake Eyes, and Stalker.

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Rock 'n Roll (v5) came with a black light machine gun, a black bipod, and a green helmet.

Filecard Information

File Name: McConnel, Craig S.
SN: RA 989-09-1452
Grade: E-7
Birthplace: Malibu, California
Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Physical Training Instructor
Motto: "COBRA's retreat is music to my ears."

Rock 'n Roll joined the G.I. Joe team at its inception. He was a young, naive surfer who became one of the outfit's most valuable members. Still, he's an adult who refuses to grow up. He uses every change he gets to break out his electric guitar and blast something he calls - music. When G.I. Joe was shut down by the government, Rock 'n Roll decided to go on a spiritual crusade, searching for the perfect wave. After a brief tour, he received word that the original team members were re-organizing, and wanted back in with a passion. Rock 'n Roll missed the ear-splitting sounds of his favorite machine gun, and the great friendships he acquired with his teammates.

After the Team's first encounter with COBRA Forces, they found a suitable location and in the tradition of the men and women who served their country before them, raised the flag in their honor, and declared - STARS and STRIPES FOREVER!

From General Hawk's Files: "This is a guy that loves loud noises, whether it be from his machine gun or favorite electric guitar. Rock 'n Roll is a very loyal and a good friend to all the team members. He likes to joke around a lot; however, he is very serious when it comes to his job. We rely on him to lay down cover-fire, which allows the team to reach their target without a scratch. Dependable at every turn, and always ready to lend a helping hand - or extra ammo belt (whichever the case)."


There is a variant of Rock 'n Roll (v5) that was molded in darker skin - making him look African-American in features. These variant Rock 'n Rolls are more difficult to find than the common Rock 'n Roll.

Note that the African-American Rock 'n Roll also has a bronze colored knife on the torso. While Causasian Rock 'n Roll figures have also been found with a bronze knife, it is far more common to find them with a silver knife.

Body Construction

Rock 'n Roll (v5)'s head is a repaint of the 1986 Hawk (v2), while the arms, torso, waist, and legs are repaints of the 1986 Roadblock (v2).

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