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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1997-LADYJAYE-02

Series: Fourteen (1997)

Lady Jaye (version 2) was released as part of the fourteenth series (1997) in the Commando Team three pack with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

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Lady Jaye came with a black surveillance camera, a black "power-javelin," a black backpack, and a black figure stand.

Packaging Information

Filecard Information

File Name: Hart-Burnett, Alison R.
SN: 863-7632-LJ67
Grade: E-7
Birthplace: Martha's Vineyard, MA
Primary Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Specialty: Personnel Clerk

Lady Jaye graduated from Bryn Mawr and did her graduate work at Trinity College in Dublin. She is an expert at covert operations, with a background as an accomplished actress and linguist. She can pass for a native in many nations, including France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Germany, Afghanistan, Spain, and Portugal. Although not one of the original Joes, Lady Jaye is nonetheless a prominent member of the team. Her skills as a personnel clerk make her one of the few people who can keep track of the growing roster of Joes, their various special assignments, and current assignment details. Her training is wide and varied, as befits a covert operations specialist. She is disciplined in a wide assortment of weaponry, from crossbows and javelins to rifles and machine guns. Lady Jaye is also Airborne and Ranger qualified, and graduated intelligence school at Fort Holabird. She has maintained a relationship with Flint, the Joe Team's warrant officer, although her professionalism and Flint's "attitude" have made for some occasionally rough edges in their relationship.

From General Hawk's Files: "Because of the nature of her specialty, that of covert operations, Lady Jaye doesn't always work well within a team environment. She is, however, a consummate professional, she is the best at what she does. On those rare occasions during off-hours when she does let her guard down, she is a remarkably friendly and pleasant person."


No variations of Lady Jaye (v2) are known to exist.

Body Construction

Lady Jaye (version 2) is a complete repaint made from the original ​Lady Jaye (1985).

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