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GUNG-HO (v6)



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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1997-GUNGHO-06

Series: Fourteen (1997)

Gung-Ho (version 6) was released as part of the fourteenth series (1997) with the Mobile Artillery Cannon Slugger.

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Gung-Ho came with a black grenade launcher, a brown backpack, and a black battle stand.

Filecard Information

File Name: LaFitte, Ettienne R.
SN: RA 564-88-3900
Grade: E-7
Birthplace: Fer-de-Lance, LA.
Primary Specialty: Reconnaissance
Secondary Specialty: Jungle Warfare
Motto: "If you want the job done right the first time, you call me!"

Gung-Ho was born into a large back-swamp cajun clan. He held both the reputation and the scars as a bare-knuckle brawler and knife-fighter in New Orleans. He joined the Marines at 18 and graduated top of his class from boot camp at Parris Island. When the going gets tough, that's when the Marine corps gets sent in. Gung-Ho is the G.I. Joe's scariest, craziest jar-head of the team. He likes nothing better than racing into battle and catching the enemy off guard. Attended: Airborne school, Recondo school, and Marine ordinance school. Qualified expert: All NATO Infantry small arms and most Warsaw Pact weapons. He carries the XM-79 grenade launcher as his personal weapon of choice. No man or obstacle stands in his way.

From General Hawk's Files: "When the G.I. Joe team has their backs against the wall, that's where Gung-Ho moves in to do some heavy butt-kicking. He fears no enemy and enjoys nothing better than showing off his tattoos before every fight. He's a lean, mean fighting machine. If he ever invites you over for dinner, never let him talk you into trying his special family recipe for Gumbo soup..."


No variations of Gung-Ho (v6) are known to exist.

Body Construction

Gung-Ho (version 6) is a complete repaint made from the original Gung-Ho (1983).

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