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T'GIN-ZU (v1)


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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1993-TGINZU-01

Series: Twelve (1993)

T'Gin-Zu was released as part of the twelfth series (1993) as part of the Ninja Force subset and came packaged exclusively with the Pile Driver vehicle.

T'Gin-Zu and the Pile Driver was discontinued domestically in 1994.

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T'Gin-Zu came with a black sword.

Packaging Information

Filecard Information

File Name: Rainone, Joseph R.
SN: 272-3712-TD
Grade: E-4
Birthplace: Somers, New York
Primary Specialty: Pile Driver Vehicle Operator
Secondary Specialty: Ninja Swords Master
Motto: "Driving a Ninja Raider is like being strapped to a lightning bolt!"

T'GIN-ZU was the best martial arts student STORM SHADOW ever taught. He studied the martial arts for over 20 years until he earned the right to be called a ninja master. He learned some of the guarded secrets of the Arashikage ninja clan, especially those dealing with covert operations and various techniques in self-discipline and endurance training. During his first week as part of Ninja Force, T'Gin-Zu volunteered to be a Ninja Raider driver. Since then, he has clobbered Cobras across the globe in his pursuit to capture the entire band of Cobra's Red Ninjas...ALONE!!!

1. Quick-flick, steel-spiked throwing stars
2. Two, delayed fuse concussion grenades
3. Fast-grab battle sickle with dagger end
4. Razor-sharp steel Katana sword
5. Specialized camouflage battle uniform
6. Soft-tread foot wraps
7. Steel-threaded concealment mask


No variations of T'Gin-Zu (v1) are known to exist.

Body Construction

T'Gin-Zu's body was originally used in 1992 to create Storm Shadow (v3) and later used to make Storm Shadow (v4/Shadow Ninja) (1994), Storm Shadow (v6) (2000), Storm Shadow (v9) (2002), and Storm Shadow (v12) (2004). The chest, arms, waist, and legs were re-used in 1993 to create Ken Masters and Ken Masters (v2).

Like all the Ninja Force figures, T'Gin-Zu's body was designed with a "real ninja move." If T'Gin-Zu's left arm was raised, the right arm would move back. The left arm could then be let go, causing the right arm to spring forward in a punching motion.

Note that T'Gin-Zu has two cloth ribbons attached to his right hip.

Versions of T'Gin-Zu

This was the only version of T'Gin-Zu ever released.

Reference Information

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Original Retail: n/a
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Lee's Guide: n/a
The Ultimate Guide: n/a
Desimone Guide: #426
Tomart's Guide: #GI6995b
RAHC/Rank & File: n/a
Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a