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3 3/4" 1993 G.I. Joe Action Figures

By far the largest year of the original toy line's run, G.I. Joe has become a toy line comprised solely of sub-lines, as the heretofore main toy line is rebranded the "Battle Corps" subset. Mega Marines, Ninja Force, and Star Brigade all have their own selection of figures, and even Capcom's Street Fighter II video game characters join the action. This year also sees the debut of the "weapons tree" - generic selections of weapons sold still on the plastic sprues.

1993 - Series Twelve

92 -
94 - 1992
Battle Corps
Vehicle Drivers
Dino Hunters
Mega Marines
Ninja Force
Ninja Force Vehicle Drivers
Star Brigade
Star Brigade Vehicle Drivers
Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2 Vehicle Drivers
Mail-Ins (Copter Pilots)
Mail-Ins (Arctic Commandos)
Mail-Ins (International Action Force)
Mail-Ins (Rapid Deployment Force)