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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1988-MUSKRAT-01

Series: Seven (1988)

Muskrat was released carded as part of the seventh series (1988). He was also sold in 1989 and discontinued domestically in 1990.

Muskrat was also available in 1988 carded with Voltar in a Target exclusive "Ultimate Enemies" two-pack.

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Muskrat came with a black Super 90 shotgun, a blue machete, and a green "swamp skimmer" (resembles a skateboard with no wheels).

Filecard Information

File Name: Williams, Ross A.
SN: 564-68-2954
Grade: E-4
Birthplace: Thibodaux, Louisiana
Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Social Services

Muskrat spent his formative years up to his knees in one swamp or another, hunting raccoon, possum and wild pig. He was able to hold his own against poachers, 'gator skinners, moonshiners, escapes from the chain gangs, and smugglers. Ranger school and JWTC* seemed like summer camp to him. As far as he was concerned, they weren't teaching him anything exotic at all!

"If I had to go chase down Muskrat in the swamp, I'd give up before I started. He'd be sprinkling cayenne pepper in his tracks to throw the dogs off, laying false trails into water moccasin lairs, rigging deadfalls, setting snares, and having himself a good ol' time, never even workin' up a sweat. I'd just as soon go home and watch TV."
* Jungle Warfare Training Center


As a Target Exclusive, Muskrat was sold with Voltar in an "Ultimate Enemies" two-pack.

Featured In

Muskrat was featured in several of the various media of GI Joe through the years, including Trading Cards, Comic Books, Cartoons and Commercials.

Body Construction

Muskrat's body is completely original - all new body parts.

Muskrat's entire mold was re-used and re-colored to create Night Force Muskrat (v2).

International Releases

In India in 1995, Muskrat was released in differently colored accessories.

Reference Information

The below information contains information about references to various collector's guides, Hasbro references, original retail prices, and other reference material related to Muskrat (v1).

Original Retail: $2.55, $4.19 (Ultimate Enemies)
Product Number: 6516, 6699 (Ultimate Enemies)
Lee's Guide: GIJ-88015
The Ultimate Guide: Pg. 107-108 (1st Ed.), Pg. 162-163 (2nd Ed.)
Desimone Guide: #201
Tomart's Guide: #GI5882, #GI5886 (Target two-pack)
RAHC/Rank & File: n/a
Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a