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COMMANDO (straight-armed) 

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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1982-SNAKEEYE-01

Series: One (1982)

Snake Eyes was one of the original figures released carded in the first series (1982). Like all of the original sixteen figures, Snake Eyes was released with "straight arms."

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Snake Eyes came with a black Uzi submachine gun and a black explosives pack.

Filecard Information

Grade: E-5
Birthplace: (CLASSIFIED)
Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor

Snake Eyes is proficient in 12 different unarmed fighting systems (Karate, Kung-Fu, Jujitsu) and is highly skilled in the use of edged weapons. Has received extensive training in mountaineering, underwater demolitions, jungle, desert and arctic survival, and some form of holistic medicine. Qualified Expert: All NATO and Warsaw pact small arms.

"The man is a total mystery, but he's real good at his job, heck, he's the best."


Snake Eyes was available either with thick thumbs or thin thumbs.

When Snake Eyes was re-released in 1983, two major changes were made to his construction. The straight-arms were replaced with arms that could swivel at the bicep, and his bulky waist-piece was replaced by a slimmer one. Also, the date stamp on the figure was changed from "1982" to "82-83." While the changes are substantial enough for some to consider this a new version, it is still technically just a variation. Because of this, we have chosen to list this figure as version 1.5, rather than version 2.

There are two versions of Snake Eyes' filecard. The filecard with the Snake Eyes available from Hasbro Direct has a glossy red backing, while the filecard that came with the carded Snake Eyes did not. Snake Eyes figures included with the Sears or JCPenney's exclusive gift packs also had the red backing.

Body Construction

Most of the 1982 series figures and their swivel-arm counterparts re-used molds from each other, repainted slightly to make them seem more original.

Snake Eyes's arms were shared with Grunt, Hawk, Short-Fuze, Stalker, and Zap. Snake Eye's torso was shared with Breaker, Grunt, Hawk, and Stalker. Snake Eyes's waist-piece was shared with twelve of the original fifteen figures.

Note that the figure's head only turns left and right - it does not allow the head to look up and down. The heads only turned left and right until the the swivel ball head that was introduced in 1985 (Series Four).

In 1997, the head, torso, arms, and legs were re-used to create Snake Eyes (v7) and Snake Eyes (v8). The legs were re-used in 1997 to help create Grunt (v4).

International Releases

This mold for Snake Eyes was used in several countries in several forms.

In Canada, Snake Eyes was released in dual-language packaging.

In Brazil, his head was recolored and used to create Cobra De Aço. He was also available with a silver Cobra logo in Brazil as Cobra Invasor. The figure was also available without the Cobra logo as O Invasor.

In Argentina, Snake Eyes was recolored in red and silver and released as Cobra Mortal. And Argentinians also had their own version of Cobra Invasor.

In Mexico, straight-arm Snake Eyes was released as part of series 1 (1986) by the Auriken toy company, in a box instead of on a card (using the artwork from Snake Eyes (v2) as Lobo Solitario).

Rubiplas released a Cobra Mortal in a mostly white color scheme in Venezuela.

Versions of Snake Eyes

In 2006, a CLASSIFIED figure was released, showing Snake Eyes from his years prior to G.I. Joe.

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Reference Information

The below information contains information about references to various collector's guides, Hasbro references, original retail prices, and other reference material related to Snake Eyes (v1).

Original Retail: $2.99
Product Number: 6404 (Retail), 38100 (Sears 3-Pack)
Lee's Guide: GIJ-82001
The Ultimate Guide: Pg. 11 (1st Ed.), Pg. 14 (2nd Ed.)
Desimone Guide: #3
Tomart's Guide: #GI5005
RAHC/Rank & File: n/a
Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a