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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2015-COBRASLI-07

Series: Thirty-One (2015)

Slice (version 7) was released in the second shipment of the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Figure Subscription Service volume 3. He shipped with Muskrat (v5).

The Figure Subscription Service figures were given a number: Slice was number 3-04.

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Cobra Slice came with a black belt, a black backpack, two silver and black hook swords, four silver and red swords, two silver and red tekagis, and a black display stand.

Packaging Information

Filecard Information

File Name: Classified
Birthplace: Jonestown, United Kingdom
Primary Specialty: Ninja Swordsman
Secondary Specialty: Espionage
Motto: "I fear no mortal man in face-to-face combat, but my sword cuts easiest from behind!"

Intelligence shows that this ninja commando may be a renegade from STORM SHADOW'S very own clan. It is believed that he created his own sword technique by observing the battle strategies of scorpions and adapting the movement into a backhand sword-slash that he calls the "Scorpion Slash." He is an expert with all edged weapons, small handguns and explosives, and is often encountered working with a fellow rogue ninja cohort named DICE.

SLICE appears to lack the grace usually associated with ninja training, although he has, in the past, demonstrated inexplicable wraith-like vanishing skills. He also makes up for any missing technique with blinding speed, shocking ferocity, and exceptional sword skills. It is this uncanny combination of unpredictability and power that makes him an opponent not to be underestimated.


No variations of Cobra Slice (v7) are known to exist.

Body Construction

Cobra Slice (version 7) was created using the torso, waist, upper arms, and upper legs of Storm Shadow (v41) (2011), the lower arms and legs of Red Ninja (v4) (2012) and Red Ninja (v5) (2012), and a new head.

Reference Information

The below information contains information about references to various collector's guides, Hasbro references, original retail prices, and other reference material related to Cobra Slice (v7).

Original Retail: $52.50 (Subscription Shipment), $38.00 (Retail)
Product Number: n/a
Lee's Guide: n/a
The Ultimate Guide: n/a
Desimone Guide: n/a
Tomart's Guide: n/a
RAHC/Rank & File: n/a
Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a