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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2014-EEL-7A

Series: Thirty (2014)

Cobra Eel (v7a) was released as part of the "Danger at the Docks" set for the 50th Anniversary line in 2014. The set also included Flint (v23a), the V.A.M.P. MK-II, and the Night Raft.

This set was initially sold at the Entertainment Earth booth during the 2014 Comic Con International before being available at select online retailers.

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Cobra Eel came with a black helmet, black shoulder pads, a black backpack with detachable black jets, two black flippers, two black flipper footpockets, two black paddle fins, a black speargun, a black submachine gun, two silver and black knives, and a black and gold display stand.

Filecard Information

Birthplace: Various
Primary Specialty: Underwater Demolitions
Secondary Specialty: Marine Engineering

COBRA EEL troopers are the underwater demolition specialists of the COBRA legions. They man and operate the COBRA marine outposts disguised as off-shore drilling rigs and augment the crews of larger COBRA naval vessels. COBRA EEL troopers undergo a rigorous two-part training program in the warm shark and pirate-infested waters of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean and in the frigid, dark depths of the North Atlantic. Their training regimen includes marine structural engineering, explosive ordnance, underwater fighting techniques, and marine geology.


The "Danger at the Docks" set was released in two versions - a convention deco and a retail deco. Each vehicle and figure in this set received different color applications. Note that while the changes in these figures are significant enough to warrant calling them different versions, Hasbro officially considers them variations. We have therefore chosen to list them as such.

Body Construction

Cobra Eel (version 7a) was created using the head and lower arms of Cobra Eel (v4) (2008), the torso and waist of Lt. Torpedo (2008), and the upper arms and legs of Snake Eyes (v64) (2013).

Reference Information

The below information contains information about references to various collector's guides, Hasbro references, original retail prices, and other reference material related to Cobra Eel (v7A).

Original Retail: $30.00
Product Number: B0060 / 44481
Lee's Guide: n/a
The Ultimate Guide: n/a
Desimone Guide: n/a
Tomart's Guide: n/a
RAHC/Rank & File: n/a
Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a