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S.A.W.-VIPERS (v4)



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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2013-SAWVIPER-04

Series: Twenty Nine (2013)

S.A.W.-Vipers (version 4) was released as part of the 2013 International G.I.Joe Convention (Indianapolis, IN) exclusive Night Force - Nocturnal Fire box set from the Official G.I. Joe Collectors' Club. The set included Charbroil (v5), Cobra Letal, Cobra Mortal (v2), Crimson Asp, Hit & Run (v3), Muskrat (v4), Psyche-Out (v4), Repeater (v4), Spearhead (v3), three Frag-Vipers (v3), and three S.A.W.-Vipers (v4).

The boxed set also included a comic, a pin, and a certificate of authenticity.

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S.A.W.-Vipers came with a green and purple helmet, a pink tactical vest, a purple backpack, a gray machine gun, a gray ammo box, two silver and black knives, and a black display stand.

Filecard Information

File Name: Various
Birthplace: Various
Primary Specialty: Squad Automatic Weapons
Secondary Specialty: Heavy Machine Gunners
Motto: "We will mow you down before you even hear the sonic boom of our bullets!"

S.A.W.-VIPERS are equipped with a gas operated and air-cooled light machine gun. These handheld weapons have a quick-change barrel and can be fed from both linked ammunition and magazines. This means that they have a highly accurate, rarely malfunctioning machine gun that doesn't burn out the barrel during intense rapid-fire bursts. It's nothing for them to zone in on an enemy nestled in heavy brush over 800 yards away in pitch darkness, and pick them off in one short burst of gunfire.

As part of the COBRA Demolitions Team, the S.A.W.-VIPERS maneuver into position and provide cover fire for CRIMSON ASP to complete her sabotage operations. Together, they create a nightmare of crisscrossing rounds and violent explosions that utterly demoralize anyone who survives.


S.A.W.-Vipers was available both boxed and bagged.

Body Construction

S.A.W.-Vipers (version 4) was created using the head of Sgt. Airborne (v4) (2013), the forearms of Destro (v27) (2011), and the body of Destro (v26) (2010).

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Original Retail: $360.00
Product Number: n/a
Lee's Guide: n/a
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Desimone Guide: n/a
Tomart's Guide: n/a
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