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BIG BOA (v2)


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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2013-BIGBOA-02

Series: Twenty Nine (2013)

Big Boa (version 2) was released in the third shipment of the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Figure Subscription Service volume 1. He shipped with Topside (v2).

The Figure Subscription Service figures were given a number: Big Boa was number 1-04.

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Big Boa came with two hands, two red and white boxing gloves, a red and silver harness, a gray jousting stick, a gray dumbbell, a gray mallet, a blue boxing helmet to place on another figure, and a black display stand.

Packaging Information

Filecard Information

File Name: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Primary Specialty: Physical Training Instructor
Secondary Specialty: Mixed Martial Arts
Motto: "Bring me the toughest contender G.I. JOE has to offer - I'll show them what real fighting is!"

BIG BOA has a face that looks like it has been beaten with the proverbial ugly stick. It's no wonder that he wears a unique protective helmet at all times. However, he also benefits from all the cybernetic gadgets attached to it. Thermal heat sensors show him the weak spots on his opponent's body, while amplified hearing lets him know just how quickly their hearts are pumping, something that can be attributed to the fear of standing in his presence. Anyone that challenges him usually ends up eating the dirt at his feet.

COBRA Troopers can be an unruly bunch at times. They aren't motivated by patriotism, unit loyalty, honor or sense of duty. It takes a brutal, unfeeling taskmaster to whip them into fighting shape and BIG BOA fits the bill to a tee. He has a voice like a bullhorn, fists the size of frozen turkeys, and the disposition of a hungry bear. His infamous P.T. instruction is merciless enough to weed out the weak, but his mandatory after hours fight matches are what truly inspire only the most vicious to rise through the ranks of COBRA.


Big Boa was featured in several of the various media of GI Joe through the years, including Trading Cards, Comic Books, Cartoons and Commercials.

Body Construction

Big Boa (version 2) was created using the body of Night Adder (2009) with a new head and boxing glove attachments.

Reference Information

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Original Retail: $49.00 (Subscription Shipment), $37.50 (Retail)
Product Number: n/a
Lee's Guide: n/a
The Ultimate Guide: n/a
Desimone Guide: n/a
Tomart's Guide: n/a
RAHC/Rank & File: n/a
Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a