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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2009-NIGHTCRE-11

Series: Twenty Five (2009)

Night Creeper (v11) was released in the Defense of Cobra Island box set in 2009. The set also included Air-Viper (v2), Alley-Viper (v11), B.A.T. (v21), Dr. Mindbender (v6), Lamprey (v5), and Range-Viper (v4).

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Night Creeper (v11) came with a maroon hood, silver and black body armor, a maroon backpack, a silver and black sword, a silver and black crossbow, and a black display stand.

Filecard Information

NIGHT CREEPERS are ninja mercenaries who work for COBRA COMMANDER, specializing in espionage and covert intelligence. They have a reputation as cunning manipulators who are experts in at least five martial arts forms, and they have a predilection for advanced electronic stealth and infiltration technology. Moving with the silence of ninjas and equipped with their high-tech espionage gear, they are almost impossible to catch - because you'll never know they were ever anywhere near you.

"We move like shadows on a moonless night, enhanced by the elegant sophistication of electronic devices that shut down layers of protective technology and leave us a clear path to our goal."


No variations of Night Creeper (v11) are known to exist.

Body Construction

Night Creeper (v11) was created using the torso and waist of Snake Eyes (v28) (2007), the arms of Flint (v12) (2008), and a new head and legs.

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