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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2005-FROSTBIT-09

Series: Twenty One (2005)

Frostbite (v9) was released as part of the twenty-first series (2005), carded in a two-pack with Snow Wolf (v2) as part of the Valor vs Venom line. This figure was released in late 2004, but is considered a 2005 product by Hasbro. The packaging also included a Valor vs Venom Comic and Product Catalog and instructions.

He was re-released on a single card in 2008 in specialty markets.

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Two Pack

Frostbite (v9) came with white snowboard with movable foot pegs (front and back shown below), two white missiles that connected to the board, a black communicator, a grey rifle, and a grey paintball gun.

2008 Single Pack

Frostbite (v9) (2008) came with no accessories.

Filecard Information

File Name: Seward, Farley S.
SN: 215-58-SF36
Grade: E-5
Birthplace: Galena, Alaska
Primary Specialty: Armored Vehicle Driver
Secondary Specialty: Vehicle Specialist

"Give me black coffee, scalding hot, thick enough to stand a spoon in, then get out of my way."


Later Frostbite (v9) figures (released in 2008 as single carded figures) had lighter camouflage that was patterned differently and featured a more thorough application across the upper legs. They also featured lighter tan, orange, gray, bronze, and flesh tones.

Body Construction

Frostbite (v9) was created using the mold originally used to create Frostbite (v8) (2004).

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