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ACE (v6)



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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2004-ACE-06

Series: Twenty (2004)

Ace (v6) was released as part of the twentieth series (2004), packaged with the Tigerhawk as part of the Valor vs Venom line.

Ace (v6) was also released with the Thunderwing Jet as a Toys R Us exclusive. This release did not include a filecard.

Ace (v6) was also released in 2005 (and through early 2007) as a single carded figure as a part of the Valor vs Venom line.

He was released again in 2008 as a single carded figure to specialty markets. Note that for this release, he was renamed "Capt. Ace."

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Ace came with a black and gray helmet.

Toys R Us Thunderwing Jet

Ace came with a black and gray helmet.

Valor vs Venom Single Pack

Ace came with a black and gray helmet, a black rifle, black backpack, and a black handgun.

2008 Single Pack

Ace came with no accessories.

Filecard Information

File Name: Armbruster, Brad J.
SN: 223-035-BJ74
Grade: O-3 (Captain, USAF)
Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island
Primary Specialty: Pilot
Secondary Specialty: Intelligence Operations

ACE would rather fly than do anything else. During high school, he worked after school and weekends to pay for flying lessons. He spent one year flying pipelines in Alaska and two years stunt flying for movies before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. He joined the G.I. JOE team after serving in pilot combat training school as a senior instructor. If it's built to fly, then ACE can fly it. He's right at home in the cockpit of all types of planes and has an intuitive knack for getting the most out of them. But it's not his piloting genius that earned him his code name. It comes from his only other entertainment: poker. He's a mean poker player who never loses. Never. And he doesn't even cheat! THAT is why he's called ACE.

"When the enemy is in my sights, he can't run or hide because I'll get him, and clip his wings for good!"


Ace has many consistent, though small, changes with each release. While the first release with the Tigerhawk has tight paint applications (easily noted on the belts around the leg), the following release as a Toys R Us bonus figure with the Thunderwing Jet has details that are not as sharp. The earlier Valor vs Venom single card release was similar to the Toys R Us figure but with lighter yellow details. Later Valor vs Venom single carded Ace figures had a much lighter shade of hair, sharp paint applications, and a shade of gray on the boot belts that closely match the majority of the figure. Lastly, the 2008 Ace had darker hair and flesh tones.

Body Construction

Ace (v6) has an entirely new body sculpt. The entire mold was used to make Ace (v7) (2004).

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