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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2003-SGTAIRBO-01

Series: Nineteen (2003)

Sgt. Airborne/Halo Jumper was released as part of the nineteenth series (2003), carded in a two-pack with Tele-Viper (v3).

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Sgt. Airborne/Halo Jumper came with a silver pistol, a black belt, a black gun, a green backpack, a green and yellow helmet, and a green vest.

Filecard Information

File Name: Talltree, Franklin E.
SN: 030-44-TT62
Grade: E-5
Birthplace: Navajo Reservation, Arizona
Primary Specialty: Airborne Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Helicopter Gunship Gunner

SGT. AIRBORNE was indulged by his parents with skydiving lessons at an early age. He studied law and passed the bar exam in Arizona, but his first love - skydiving - had a firm grip on him. He combined his quest for justice and his crazy desire to jump from airplanes by joining the Army and opting for airborne training. He jokes around and gets loose, but when he turns serious, it seems as if he's looking right through you. The Navajo call it "the far-seeing look". That skull-piercing gaze can make even his GI JOE team members uncomfortable, so you can imagine how a captured COBRA enemy starts to squirm when he's being interrogated by SGT. AIRBORNE and feels as if the GI JOE trooper is seeing right inside his head.

"I'd rather jump from planes than write legal briefs - the view's better."


This figure was made available with two entirely different cardboard inserts. One insert named the figure Sgt. Airborne, and one named the figure Halo Jumper. The differences can be seen above. The cardback, figures, accessories, and instructions are the same for both versions. It is not yet known if one variation is rarer than the other.

Body Construction

Sgt. Airborne/Halo Jumper has an entirely new body sculpt. The mold was later used to create Sgt. Airborne (v2) (2004).

Versions of Airborne

In 2003, Airborne was renamed "Sgt. Airborne." In 2009, he was renamed again to "Air Raid." So while there are several names, they are based on "Airborne."

Note that Airborne v2 and v3 have a file name of Robert M. Six and are a different character. Also note that Air Raid v2 has a file name of Benjamin R. Thomas, thus making him yet another character.

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