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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-2003-NEOVIPER-06

Series: Nineteen (2003)

Neo-Viper (v6) was released as part of the nineteenth series (2003), carded in a two-pack with Neo-Viper Commander (v2).

A variant version of Neo-Viper was released in 2004 as a single carded figure.

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Two Pack

Neo-Viper came with an olive brown Sound Attack pistol, a graphite gray machine pistol, a graphite gray assault rifle, a black backpack, and a green ghillie suit.

Single Pack

Neo-Viper (in the single pack) came with a black laser pistol, a black submachine gun, and two black flare guns.

Filecard Information


The single packaged version of Neo-Viper (pictured below left) had slightly lighter gray detail and also had the head of the Cobra symbol filled in completely with yellow paint.

Body Construction

Neo-Viper (v6) shares the same uniform design as Neo-Viper (v1) (2002), Neo-Viper (v2) (2002), and Neo-Viper (v3) (2002) although the design was retooled to bring back the o-ring design of earlier figures. The actual mold comes from Neo-Viper (v4) (2002) and Neo-Viper (v5) (2003), and was later used to create Neo-Viper (v7) (2004) and Neo-Viper (v8) (2004).

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