1. How did this web site come together?

Back in 1997, Corey ran the G.I.Joe Headquarters website, Eugene ran the G.I.Joe Archive website, and Conor ran the G.I.Joe Command Center website. One day Conor found out that the name YOJOE.COM hadn't been registered, so he plunked down the money and registered it. After mentioning it to a few people, the three people bought into the idea of one huge website.

In 2000, Tim Timmermans joined the team as a moderator of the Yo Joe mailing list.

Corey left the Yo Joe team in 2001 to start his own project. Eugene left the Yo Joe team in 2002 to focus on his writing career.

In 2002, four new webmasters joined the team - Jeff Bohn, Devon Huey, John Missal, and Jay Smith.

In 2003, Jay Smith left and three new webmasters joined the team - Anthony Mirro (international archive), Jon "MarvlosToy" (vehicle archive), and Patrick Stewart (variations and preproduction).

In 2005, Terry Dizard took the helm as the full-time chief administrator. Shortly thereafter, Phillip Donnelly joined as the executive administrator and second in command of YoJoe, aided by a fantastic crew of volunteers, including Kevin Watts and Drew Hagerty.

In 2007, Josh Eggebeen takes over the Comic Book Section from Jeff Bohn. Already a moderator on the message boards, Jim Odden joined the webmasters. In addition, Chad Hucal joined to update and enhance the vehicles archive.

2. Are any of the action figures, filecards, or toys for sale?

The items on the website are from personal collections to display on the website. They aren't for sale.

3. Can you help me buy/sell/trade action figures, filecards, or toys?

Try the Classified Ads section for buy/trade/sell ads.

4. Can you send me all your images?

What images we have are up on the website. All images are the property of YoJoe.com and cannot be used without expressed written permission and may not be used for any commercial purposes.

Many common G.I.Joe questions are answered in the G.I.Joe FAQ.

If your question still isn't answered, or if you'd like to help contribute to this website, email us.


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