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G.I. JOE (v1A)


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YoJoe ID: 106-HAF-1994-GIJOE-1A

Series: Seventeen (1994)

G.I.Joe was a special mail-in figure in 1994. It was a replica of the old original 12 inch figures and was offered as a 30th anniversary figure.

To see a copy of the mail-in ad, click here.

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G.I.Joe came with a green beret, a brown dickey, a green jacket, a tan belt, green pants, a pair of brown boots, a black rifle, a silver missile, four silver grenades, a silver dog tag, and a figure stand on a wood pedestal.


There are four variations of the hair color that are known to exist: black, brown, red, & blond.

Due to overwhelming demand for the figure, Hasbro ran out of stock of the standard-issue G.I. Joe figure. In response, Hasbro used gear from the Arctic Assault Mission Gear (1993) to fill out the remaining orders. This variation of G.I. Joe thus came with Arctic Gear.

Body Construction

A standard classic body was used. The head design was used for many of the original 12 inch action figures. It was also used for the replicas of the Action Soldier (v1a) (1994), Action Sailor (1994), Action Marine (1994), Action Pilot (1994), G.I. Joe (v1b) (1994), and a variety of store-exclusive and convention-exclusive premiums.

Reference Information

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Lee's Guide: n/a
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Desimone Guide: #598
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