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YoJoe ID: 106-HAF-1994-ACTIONSO-1A

Series: Seventeen (1994)

Action Soldier was released in 1994. It was a replica of the old original 12 inch Action Soldier figure and was offered as a 30th anniversary commemorative figure.

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Action Solder came with a green hat, a green helmet, a green shirt, a tan belt with a tan canteen cover and a black holster, green pants, two brown boots, a green backpack, a silver and black machine gun, a silver tripod, a brown and silver rifle, a brown and silver pistol, a black and silver bayonet, six silver grenades, a green shovel, a green ammo box, a silver and black canteen, a silver map case, a silver dog tag, a map, two decal sheets, and an Army Manual.

Filecard Information


There are four variations of the hair color that are known to exist: black, brown, red, & blond.

There was also an African-American figure produced. While it intends to be a replica of the original African-American Action Soldier, the headsculpt is actually derived from the African-American Adventurer. In addition to the change in the figure, there were also changes to the boxes that came with the figure.

Body Construction

A standard classic body was used. The head design was used for many of the original 12 inch action figures. It was also used for the replicas of the Action Sailor (1994), Action Marine (1994), Action Pilot (1994), G.I. Joe (v1a) (1994), G.I. Joe (v1b) (1994), and a variety of store-exclusive and convention-exclusive premiums.

International Releases

Action Soldier was released in Europe in 1996 as Action Man. The "G.I. Joe" logo on the replica box was replaced with an "Action Man" one.

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Desimone Guide: #599
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