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YoJoe ID: 106-HAF-1993-RAPIDFIR-01

Series: Sixteen (1993)

Rapid-Fire was an exclusive to Toys R Us and was released while the second series (1993) was in production. The figure had red fuzzy hair.

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Rapid-Fire came with a gray camouflage helmet, black goggles with a red lens, a gray camouflage shirt, a black vest, gray camouflage pants, two black boots, a black backpack with detachable spotlight, a silver spring-loaded missile launcher, white string, a neon red, two-part grappling hook missile, a black rifle with spring-loaded missile launcher, an orange missile, a black rifle, a silver pistol, a black holster with black strap, a silver knife, a black sheath with black strap, a pair of silver dog tags, six silver grenades, and an Operations Manual.

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The non-grappling hook missile was also available in neon green.

Body Construction

A standard muscle body was used. The head was also used for Grunt (1992), the Apollo 13 Astronaut (1995), the Martial Arts Expert (1995), the Red Beret Commando (1995), and the Surveillance Specialist (1995).

International Releases

In Europe, Rapid-Fire was released in the Action Man line. The head was changed to a standard Action Man head, and the vest removed the "G.I. Joe" and "Rapid-Fire" tampographs, replacing them with an "Action Man" tampograph. The dog tags were also changed to Action Man ones.

Versions of Rapid Fire

This was the only version of Rapid-Fire released.

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Lee's Guide: n/a
The Ultimate Guide: n/a
Desimone Guide: #569
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Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a