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YoJoe ID: 106-HAF-1993-GREENBER-01

Series: Sixteen (1993)

The Green Beret set was released in 1993.

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The Green Beret set included a green rifle with missile launcher, an orange missile, a silver pistol with green holster and black strap, a small silver knife with green sheath and black strap, a large black knife with black sheath and black strap, a black watch, two silver grenades, a green mask, a green beret, a silver rifle with removable ammo clip, and green dog tags.

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The Green Beret set was first packaged in 1993 on a card with a repeated blue G.I. Joe logo. The set was later packaged in 1994 on a card with a black and blue American flag. The contents of the set remained the same.

Versions of Green Beret Arsenal

This was the only release of the Green Beret Weapons Arsenal.

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Desimone Guide: #588
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