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In 1964 Hasbro took a huge gamble and launched a toy that started a new era in boys toys. GI Joe is the toy that captured the imagination of an entire generation. Starting with a line based on the four basic services of the United States Military GI Joe was a toy that sparked creativity and adventure. After the sentiment for the Vietnam war started the shift, GI Joe changed his assignment from military theme to an adventure theme with the introduction of the Adventure Team in 1970. Bright colors and animals were added to GI Joe's repertoire of excitement. Sadly the cost of oil and a waning market encouraged Hasbro to stop the 12" line in 1976. In 1991, the 12" G.I. Joe line returned after a 15 year absence. Though only one figure that year is released as a Target exclusive, its popularity spawned the rebirth of this scale.

1976 - Series Thirteen

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91 - 1975
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Atomic Man
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1976 - Atomic Man