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This is the Sit-Rep, soldier, the Situation Report! It's here where we get the intel on the new troops, talk to the big brass, and generally do anything else that isn't in an archival capacity! So what are you waiting for? It's time for your debriefing!

Wave 3, 2008 Wild Bill (v11)

Review by Phillip Donnelly

Well, yippie-ki-yay, pardners! G.I. Joe's resident cowpoke Wild Bill is back! Yee haw!

*Ahem* Sorry about that, I'll stop now.

So how does a cowboy end up in G.I. Joe anyways? Well, it's a little take on the Air Cavalry, as made famous by Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now. Thankfully, this iteration of Wild Bill isn't as outlandish as some of his other uniforms (I'm looking squarely at you, versions two, three, and four)!

So how does this figure hold up? Pretty well, to be blunt. I think it's a great update to his original figure, with some nice tweaks here and there. The body itself reuses Capt. Ace's mold, but I'm wondering which character the body was initially designed for - let's face it, the U2 pilot look for Ace doesn't exactly match the bubbly spaceman suit of his initial iteration. Add in the presence of Wild Bill in last year's playing card deck, and the fact that the pilot suit's legs can pass for chaps (we'll ignore the lack of a posterior here *cough*), and it seems Wild Bill benefits from this mold a bit more. Plus, holsters replace Ace's umm... zippers? Always good to have something identifiable there.

I will concede, though, that the ubiquity of the olive drab does make for a rather plain looking figure. I don't mind it too much, especially given the source material and especially given my unnatural love for all things olive drab. Uhh, forget that last part.

I particularly like the puffed up vest he comes with now. Though it does restrict movement in the arms, it's removable, for one. Secondly, it reminds me a bit of the flak vests worn during the Vietnam era, where the collars often stoop up on the neck.To be fair, though, it's not gonna offer a whole lot of protection when it's left open like that, but we'll let Doc take care of any injuries that may result! And who doesn't love shoulder holsters? Those are, by their very definition, cool. It's a scientific fact. No, don't go look it up, just take my word on it. I know these things.

If there's one signature item about Wild Bill, though, it's his hat. With few exceptions, ol' Bill here's always had a cowboy hat at hand, be it blue, brown, green, or black. But what's this? Gold paint on the hat band? That's the way to make a cavalry hat!

And lookee here, he's got ivory-handled pistols. Sure, the mold is nothing new, but it's the extra touches like these that help make a good figure. Let's hope it's more a nod to old fashioned cowboy films than George C. Scott as Patton. (George C. Scott scares me. It's a serious condition, and I'd thank you not to laugh about it!)

Is Wild Bill worth the effort of tracking down and purchasing? I'd say so. Aside from being a pretty neat figure, he pilots practically everything that isn't a jet. Filling your Tomahawk with 25th Anniversary Joes? Breaking out that awful cardboard C-130 you built from scratch lo those many moons ago? (You really should get rid of that thing, by the way, it's embarassing! And I think I see some mold growing in the corners...) You're gonna need a pilot. You're gonna need Wild Bill.

Now if we can just get a new Tollbooth made, we'd be able to once more make YMCA dios!

Archive entry:
Wild Bill (v11)

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More action shots:

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Images from the collection of: David Yeh with Phillip Donnelly

Figure courtesy of Brian's Toys - get your Wild Bill and many more at Brian's Toys!

Be sure to enter the BriansToys.com 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe Wave 7 Giveaway for your chance to win a full set of 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe Wave 7!

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