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This is the Sit-Rep, soldier, the Situation Report! It's here where we get the intel on the new troops, talk to the big brass, and generally do anything else that isn't in an archival capacity! So what are you waiting for? It's time for your debriefing!

Snake Eyes (v52)

Review and photos by Phillip Donnelly

It's the Pursuit of Cobra, and out first catch is... a G.I. Joe. Okay, I never said I was good at pursuing anybody, but we might as well take a peek at what we've got. Figure Number 1002 - Snake Eyes! I'm guessing the first two digits stand for 2010, while the "02" is where Snake Eyes stands in this new numbering order. (Note that exclusives like Spirit and Quick Kick aren't counted in this!)

Released in the first series of figures, Snakes here is an interesting mix of old and new parts. Aside from the arms and knees, everything is from Snake Eyes (44) from last year's Rise of Cobra line. Given the Pursuit line's origins as an extension of the movie universe, keeping some of the same design aesthetic makes sense. Thankfully, they went with the head that didn't have those horrible lips! Casting these parts in a very dark purple hue is a bit different, but I think it works with his black jacket. The color contrast is subtle, but just enough to make the figure that much more interesting. Sadly, the new knees don't quite work on the older legs, as my Snake Eyes now seems to have some arthritis in his right leg. I suppose all those impressive ninja acrobatics take their toll after a while.

Looking at his numerous accessories, we see the G36 rifle from his older figure, the staple sword and sheath, and a pair of MAC-10s. The two submachine guns have some weird, pronounced hooks on the back of them. Awesomely, this allows these guns to connect to the jacket! Yes folks, Snake Eyes likes to go into battle prepared. I can live with that!

Snakes also comes with a new Timber. This is not only the first Timber with articulation, it's also the first with an action feature! Push down on the tail, and the head rises up. It's a pretty neat trick, and makes this the perfect wolf for headbanging along to "Bohemian Rhapsody!" (You didn't think about this before, but now the idea won't leave your head, right?)

Though the knees are a minor misstep, the overall package really works for me. Snake Eyes has a great modernized look to him - just enough bulk in all the right places and absolutely loaded for bear. I'm not exactly sure this would be a "Desert Battle" version of Snake Eyes, but it definitely seems to work just about everywhere else. If you can find him, pick him up!

Archive entry:
Snake Eyes (v52)

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More action shots:

Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

Figures courtesy of BigBadToyStore — get your G.I. Joes and much more at BigBadToyStore!

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