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This is the Sit-Rep, soldier, the Situation Report! It's here where we get the intel on the new troops, talk to the big brass, and generally do anything else that isn't in an archival capacity! So what are you waiting for? It's time for your debriefing!

Hall of Heroes Firefly (v18)

Review by Phillip Donnelly

Moving on now to number 2 of 10, we have Firefly (v18). Firefly's a bit of an odd duck in this wave. While the rest of the Hall of Heroes figures are only slight revisions of figures previously released, Firefly uses an all new set of re-used parts for his body. (Did that make sense? Have I lost you readers yet? If not, I can try harder!)

While all previous Fireflys since 2007 have been content to reuse Beachhead (v10)'s mold, this little bugger goes off and does his own thing. 'Cause he's a rebel. What are you gonna do about it? Using the same Firefly head as previous version, this figure uses Snake Eyes (v28)'s limbs and Viper (v16)'s torso and waist.

The result is a new figure. It kind of goes against the "Best of" philosophy for this assortment, but a new-ish figure does appeal more to me than a simple rehash. How do these parts work together? Oddly enough, I think it works. The base figure has a sort of utilitarian look to it. I don't think people necessarily think of a blue collar uniform when thinking of a saboteur, but then again, the types of places one hides bombs probably coincides with the types of places electricians or plumbers work. Not that Firefly would pass for one of these people anytime soon, but it's nice to know he's dressing pragmatically. Wouldn't Momma Firefly be so proud? ...If she weren't dead, that is. There is an unfortunate side effect of this body, though - Firefly kind of becomes the runt of the litter as these parts choices make him a little short compared to the other Fireflys.

Then again, maybe Firefly could pass as an electrician. Looking at the card art, we see the familiar urban camouflage that's become synonymous with Firefly. Looking at the figure... not so much. Surprisingly though, it's there. Look hard, really hard (harder than that!) and you can make out a camouflage pattern all over his body. It's a sort of dark gray paint on a not-quite-as-dark gray plastic combination that just seems to disappear if you look at the figure from any farther than three inches away. And it's down right impossible to capture with my camera. Would it be considered irony if the camouflage is itself very well camouflaged? I don't think the point is to blend into your surrounding fabric!

Moving along, we see where this figure truly shines - the accessories! Combining his single pack and comic pack accessories into one package gives Firefly an incredible number of parts to work with. And Hasbro didn't skimp on the details. His traditional backpack has paint applications all over, his walkie talkie is back in green, and finally we can take off his bandoliers! This previously glued on accessory has to be the bane of the Firefly figures as it simply rides too high. Sad to say, that trend continues here as the collar on the torso forces the bandoliers to sit in only on place on his body, making it hard to move his head around. With a little twisting however, this thing can finally come off, and I have to say he doesn't look all that terrible without it. The belt still won't come off, though, unless you remove the knife sheath on his leg. This brings up a question of mine I had, though. With all the accessories Hasbro deemed fit to ordain Firefly with, why not a knife?? For the record, I'm using the knife that came with Snake Eyes (v41) - using the DVD Battles Pack body, Snake Eyes has no sheath.

In the final assessment, Firefly is the most unique figure in this wave. If getting slight repaints or retools aren't your thing, then this figure has something new to offer you. If you like to get your money's worth in accessories, this toy has the most parts in this wave at 18. He's a nice little figure, flaws and all.

Archive entry:
Firefly (v18)

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Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

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