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This is the Sit-Rep, soldier, the Situation Report! It's here where we get the intel on the new troops, talk to the big brass, and generally do anything else that isn't in an archival capacity! So what are you waiting for? It's time for your debriefing!

25th Storm Shadow First-Look

By Justin Bell and Terry Dizard

In G.I. Joe #21, the entire complexion of the G.I. Joe universe changed.

Storm Shadow made his first appearence, a mysterious ninja in white who faced off against everyone's favorite commando ninja, Snake Eyes. They spent the issue facing off against each other, but as the issue ended, it revealed that they shared a familiar tattoo...a symbol that is now a critical componant of G.I. Joe lore.

Over the years, Storm Shadow has taken many looks and many allegiances, but many would argue that his first version was his most infamous and most well known. To tell the truth, Hasbro could not have given that look more respect than they did with this figure.

From the amazingly well sculpted masked head with seams and wrinkles included, to the concealed knife in his black belt, all the way to his sandles, backpack, and improved articulation, this is a version of the COBRA Storm Shadow that looks like he should and moves like he should.

The double jointed knees simply work perfectly. He can crouch, kneel, and hold various great martial arts poses, and thankfully he has deeper hip sockets which gives him a great deal of mobility, more so than many other figures in this first assortment.

From his weapons to his articulation this is the COBRA Ninja as he was always meant to be, and is a great homage to the most familiar version of this popular character. No matter which side he's fighting on, and no matter who he's working with, this Storm Shadow is fantastic, and definitely belongs in your collection.


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