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This is the Sit-Rep, soldier, the Situation Report! It's here where we get the intel on the new troops, talk to the big brass, and generally do anything else that isn't in an archival capacity! So what are you waiting for? It's time for your debriefing!

25th Baroness First-Look

By Justin Bell and Terry Dizard

A boys toy from start to finish, it's remarkable that through the years Hasbro has been able to work in such a vast number of female characters. It would be easy to just toss in some female companions for the male Joes and COBRA's, but the folks behind the comic and cartoon have gone to great lengths to give these females their own strong and independent personalities, and the Baroness is no exception.

The mysterious Baroness made her first appearence alongside COBRA Commander twenty-five years ago, but has undergone many changes since that time. This figure represents her in her most iconic look, with a leather and armor plate bodysuit, looking suspiciously like a black widow spider ready to kill her next victim.

Some folks have expressed concern with her multi-tone color scheme, but personally, I like it. I like seeing a distinction between the cloth uniform she wears and the highly polished armor plating that goes on top of it. They work together seamlessly and create a much more "real world" uniform that looks great.

The Baroness is a very slender figure, and her joints feel somewhat brittle, but she holds together remarkably well. Her elbows and knees move freely, but keep in mind she has very thin limbs and is made of a softer plastic than some of our vintage counterparts. That is a two way street, however. Even though the plastic itself is a bit softer, that also means you can boil the plastic in hot water to make it more malleable, and actually shape it to close the grips a bit more, or widen them, if necessary. I was a bit surprised at how thin Baroness was at first, even thinner than Scarlett, but ultimately, as long as nothing breaks (and nothing has) I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Baroness does suffer from the same articulation limitation as Scarlett does in her hips, unfortunately. I would imagine the fix would be just as easy for her as it was for Scarlett, but something to keep in mind.

This evil COBRA operative comes with a machine gun, a knife, and a brand new backpack! This backpack fits the hole in Baroness' back quite well, though unfortunately the hole does not appear to be compatible with the vintage style backpacks.

Even with some minor articulation issues, this is a very nice rendition of the Baroness and like her partner in crime, Destro, she looks as if she was pulled directly from the comic or cartoon and placed on your shelf. Whether she's fighting side by side with her weapon supplier comrade, or staking out her prey all on her own, she makes for a sinister addition to anyone's collection.


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