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Storm Shadow


Action figures usually start as "Hard Copies". These models are used to create the molds, that are used to press out a run of "First shots" or "Test shots". These test shots are done in many different colors and lack a date stamp until the production run begins.

Pictured above is a first shot made of a figure that was planned for production in 1995. The next ninja group for G.I.Joe was going to be the Ninja Commandos. However, G.I.Joe was cancelled in 1994 and the Ninja Commandos were never released.

The entire figure is resin cast and painted with primer. While the waist has been reproduced from another Storm Shadow first shot, the rest of the figure is original.

Additional Images:

Pictured above is a full set of Ninja Commandos along with a carded sample of Storm Shadow. Note that two different paint patterns for Storm Shadow are pictured. The packaged version has green footwear and a white inner right leg. The left glove in the packaged sample also appears to not be fully painted.

From the Collection of: Alex Bickmore