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Pictured above is an artist concepts for the Duke Replicator. Derived from the Star Brigade line, the story behind the Replicators was that different characters were to become hosts for intelligent aliens. These figures were intended for release in 1995 but were cancelled when the G.I.Joe line was cancelled in 1994.

While there has been long-standing indication that this image was a Replicator version of Sci-Fi, the concept art below clearly indicates that the figure was originally intended to be Duke.

Additional Images:

Pictured above is a hand-drawn concept art for a the proposed figure. The Replicators special gimmick would've been that an alien came out of the chest of the Replicator - the above artwork depicts this.

Pictured above is the schematics artwork for Duke. After the original concept art was approved, detailed schematics would be drawn up to be used to create the actual pieces.

Before action figures are molded in their normal size, sculptures and prototypes are regularly made of the figure at twice their normal size. These prototypes are called "Two-Ups". Pictured above is the "Two-Up" of Duke.

Concept art and schematics from the collection of: Steve Campbell
Other Images Courtesy of: Simon Hurley

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