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December 27: Ninja Battles Set, Comics Achive Updated

December 21: Preview - Diamond Select Toys' First G.I.Joe Product

December 19: Sub-Teams section, Comic Archive Updated, News and Notes

December 16: Sponsor News - SMALLJOES

December 15: Desert Humvee and Blue Night Adder, Vehicles Archive, March Comics and Products

December 12: Comic Pack 6, 7, 8 Previews, Vehicle Archive Updated

December 08: 2005 Wave 1 Figures, Vehicle Archive Update, Comics Archive Updated, News and Notes

December 07: Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

December 02: Sponsor News - Guru-Planet

December 01: Variations Section Added, Birthplace FAQ Updated, Collectibles and Comic Archive Updates

November 29: Sponsor News - KEBco Toys

November 27: Operation Crimson Sabotage and Variations Added

November 24: Sponsor News - SMALLJOES

November 21: Repackaged Alpha Vehicles, News, Reloaded's New Writer, Comic, International and Collectibles Archives Updated

November 15: Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

November 14: G.I.Joe News, Site Updates

Sponsor News - Cotswold Collectibles

November 05: Cobra Ninja Strike Team Added

November 02: Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

October 31: Single Card Wave 2, Bonus Voice FX Duke Added

October 30: Desert Patrol Squad, Comics

October 29: Sponsor News - SMALLJOES

Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

October 28: Firefly Feature Character Spotlight

October 25: Four Built to Rule! Vehicles, Vehicles Archive Updated, More

October 22: Sponsor News - Guru-Planet

October 19: Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

October 16: Wave 5 Figures Added

October 12: Sponsor News - Wave 5 In Stock at Brian's Toys

Action, International, Collectibles, Comics Archives Updated

October 11: Sponsor News - SMALLJOES

Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

October 08: BtR Ground Striker and Venom Striker, Wave 4 Figures, 12 Inch Dart, Carded Images, More

October 03: Comic 3 Packs and Comics

October 01: Wave 4 Figures and Vehicles

September 27: VvV Movie, Happy Meal Toys, Vehicles Updated, Huge Collectibles Archive Update, International Update

September 24: Target Exclusives, Vehicles Updated, Command Post Newsletter, TCG, Comics

September 23: Sponsor News - SMALLJOES

RSS/XML Feed, Happy Meals, Posters, Anti-Venom Book, Trading Card Binder, Trading Card Game Updates

September 20: Sponsor News - Guru-Planet

Sponsor News - Toy Wiz

September 19: V.A.M.P. with Twin Battle Gun, Japanese Skystriker, TCG Misprints

September 17: Happy Meals, Fan's Choice, TCG Chat, Ultimate Enemies, Hit & Run, Postcards

September 15: Jungle Strike Humvee and Sky Sweeper Jet, Vehicles Updated

September 13: Ultimate Enemies, International Archives Updated, Comic News

September 09: Sponsor News - KEBco Toys

Vehicles and Comics Updated, Feature Character Voting

September 03: Pencil-by-Number Sets, Comic News, Archives Updated

September 02: Sponsor News - Toy Wiz

August 31: Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

August 26: Season 2, Part 2 Update!

August 25: Unproduced G.I.Joe Desert HQ Figures

August 24: G.I.Joe Trading Card Game, Sound Book, Comic Archives Updated

August 23: Sponsor News - Guru-Planet

Sponsor News - Brian's Toys

August 21: Season 2 Part 1 DVD Set

August 20: Ice Sabre, Quickstrike, Sting Raider, Tigerhawk Repaint

August 18: Operation Avalanche

August 17: Anti-Venom Task Force

August 14: Wizard World Chicago - Devil's Due Presentation

August 12: Gold Steel Brigade Filecard, Dog Tags, Mystery Sneak Peek, 12" Thursday, Comic News

August 10: Palisades Interview, Cobra Commander Mini Statue

August 05: 12" Snake Eyes with Ninja Lightning, Backpacks, Sticker Book, Starfighter Updated

August 03: Cobra Strike Team - Urban Divison, Server Move, More

August 02: Sponsor News

July 29: Voice FX Duke, Mystery Mutt, SDCC

July 22: San Diego Comic Con Coverage

TCG Contest, Comic Book 3 Packs, 12 Inch Beachhead, Comic Books

July 19: Sponsor News

July 16: >Trading Card Game Sneak Peak II and Full Official Site Open

July 15: Convention Figures and Comics, Cobra Emperor Serpentor Mini Bust

July 14: Devil's Due Storms Comic-Con International!

July 09: G.I.Joe Convention: Wrap Up and Overview

July 08: Message Board Upgrade Complete

July 04: G.I.Joe Convention: Next Year's Site Announced

July 03: G.I.Joe Convention News, G.I.Joe in the Media

July 02: G.I.Joe Convention Pictures

July 01: G.I.Joe Convention Exclusive Vehicles Announced

G.I.JOE convention-goers will be the first to experience the new G.I. JOE Trading Card Game

International, Comic, 12" Archives Updated

June 28: Season 1 Part 2 DVD Set, Serpentor Mini Bust, Message Board Upgrade

June 24: Vehicles and Figures Added, Unproduced and Preproduction, Archives Updated

June 23: Sponsor News

June 16: Unproduced and Preproduction, Comic News, Archives Updated

Sneak Peek - G.I.Joe Trading Card Game

June 10: Convention Comic, Hasbro Press Releases, Archives Updated

June 04: VvV Wave 3, Convention Pictures, International, Twelve Inch Thursday, More

May 28: Doc Feature Character Spotlight

May 27: Sgt. Savage, Vehicles, Twelve Inch Thursday, Comics

May 20: Snake Eyes Statue, Convention Pictures, Twelve Inch Thursday, Filecards, Comics

May 17: Sponsor News

May 13: DVD and Comic News, Archives Updated, Sgt. Slaughter

May 11: Sponsor News

May 06: Convention Set Pictures, Twelve Inch Thursday, Comics

April 29: Toys R Us Exclusive, Twelve Inch Thursday, Comics, Wraith

April 22: B.A.T. Variation, Stealth Firefly Bust, Twelve Inch Thursday, Comic News, Books Added

April 21: Sponsor News

April 20: Beachhead Feature Character Spotlight

April 15: Toys R Us Exclusives, Japanese Firefly, Twelve Inch Thursday, Window Cling, Books, Feature Character Spotlight

April 09: Sponsor News

April 08: Master Collector Heavy Water, Valor vs Venom Movie Preview, New Books, Twelve Inch Thursday

April 03: Wizard World East Exclusives Announced

April 01: Twelve Inch Thursday - Barrel Roll, Vehicles, Comic Books, Message Board Problems Continue

March 25: Twelve Inch Thursday - Black Out, Wraith, Feature Character News

March 24: Trading Card Game and Comic News

March 23: Sponsor News

March 18: Twelve Inch Thursday - Switch Gears

March 16: Trading Card Game, Postcard, Feature Character Voting, and More

March 11: Twelve Inch Thursday - Dreadnok Ripper, Mini Viewers

March 08: Sponsor News

March 07: Valor vs. Venom Wave 2 Added

March 06: Single Carded Figures Added

March 04: Python Patrol Crimson Guard Mini Statue, Twelve Inch Thursday, Gum Bit Figures, Comics, and more

March 03: Sponsor News

February 27: Destro Feature Character Spotlight

February 26: Toy Fair, Unproduced and Preproduction Archive, Chinese Stalker, Comic News and Notes

February 19: Defense Mech, Pulverizer, Comic Books, and more

February 18: Devil's Due Publishing May Solicitations

February 10: Night Force, Windmill, Snow Cat Transformer, Hollow Point Variation

February 05: Sponsor News
February 02: Statues, Comics, Feature Character Spotlight Submissions, Night Force at Amazon, Message Boards

February 01: Cobra Infantry Forces

January 30: Site Outages, Cobra Reborn, Snow Cat Transformer

January 27: Sponsor News

DVD Set, Figures and Vehicles, Puzzle, Comic Solicitations

January 24: Hasbro Q & A and More

January 20: Puzzles, Variations, Comics, More

January 13: G.I.Joe with Gum, Foreign Vehicles, Comics

January 09: Vehicles, Built to Rule, Comics, and More

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