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Official Sites


Fan Art

  • Brocklee.com
    Description: Fantastic art can be found here along with the totally original "'Lil Joes" comic strip.
    Site also features: Customs

  • Jmort's GI Joe
    Description: Great fan art, an original online comic, customs, tutorials, and storage tips…..this site has it all!
    Site also features: Customs and Fan Fiction

  • Studio 1 Design
    Description: Plenty of fan art produced by request for various websites.

Fan Fiction

We know there are active fan fiction sites out there, we just haven't found them yet!!
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Personal Sites and Collection Pictures


  • Blood for the Baron
    Description: www.bloodfothebaron.com is a complete resource for Action Force comics. Experience the British edge of GI Joe and see what you've been missing!
    Site also features: Forums and International Information

  • JMM's GI Joe Comic page
    Description: Very detailed comic summaries for several volumes of Joe comics including: original marvel series, devils due series, 3D, and action force
    Site also features: Forums

  • Joereloaded
    Description: Joe Reloaded.com is THE place to learn about GI Joe Reloaded and to discuss ALL forms of GI Joe comics.
    Site also features: Forums

Discussion Forums and Messageboards


Price Guide

  • G.I. Joe Prices
    Description: GIJoePrices is a fun way to keep track and price your G.I. Joe collection. The site features a quiz, a mystery figure give away, G.I. Joe related humor, custom figures and more!
    Site also features: Customs


  • Action Figure Archive
    Description: 70s & 80s action figure guide and message board for all vintage figure lines.
    Site also features: Forums and General Toy Information

  • Cobra Cares!
    Description: COBRA Cares! is a website devoted to the activities, discussion, and photos of the 21st Infantry COBRA Costuming Group.
    Site also features: Fourms

  • Cobra Command
    Description: An online white pages of G.I. Joe collectors.

  • Action Figure Checklist
    Description: A free online database allowing you to track your collection.

  • Sabu's Ultimate 80s
    Description: A simple tribute to the major toylines of that decade which kept me busy for hours in the sandbox, living room, bedroom and basement.
    Site also features: Cartoon Information

  • The Toy Web
    Description: A brief history of GI Joe touching on everything from vintage 12 inch to ARAH to super joe.

  • Cobra Command Ice Hockey
    Description: Cobra's unofficial hockey team.


  • Action Force Online
    Description: Dedicated to early action force figures.
    Site also features: Forums

  • JoeCanuck.com
    Description: Home of the unofficial Canadian joe meet.
    Site also features: forums

  • Special Ops: Action Force
    Description: Collection pics from a collector based in England, showcasing action force items.
    Site also features: Collection Pictures

  • GIJoe.nl
    Description: Dutch GI Joe site, warning bulk of the site is not in english
    Site also features: Forums

  • Falcon's Brazilian G. I. Joes
    Description: Brazilian GI Joe site covering mostly 12 inch products, but also mentions ARAH based 12 inch figures from Brazil. Be aware, site is in Portuguese




Trading Card Game

  • Mission F.A.C.E.S.
    Description: A great community devoted to the continuation of the the TCG released by Wizards of the Coast.
    Site also features: Forums


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