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Zartan and Swamp Skier

Front Close-Up
Back Close-Up

In the mid-80s in Europe, Palitoy licensed G.I.Joe figures and vehicles from Hasbro and sold them as part of the Action Force toyline. These toys were available in most parts of Western Europe - including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, West Germany, Italy, and Greece. By 1990, the toys were called G.I.Joe: The Action Force. In 1991 the term Action Force was dropped and the toys were released as G.I.Joe toys.

At some point in France, Hasbro re-released some G.I.Joe toys - toys that had previously been released as Action Force toys - in G.I.Joe packaging. Pictured above is the French G.I.Joe release of Zartan with the Swamp Skier. Zartan with the Swamp Skier had previously been released in Action Force packaging.

The box is written entirely in French.

Image courtesy of: Quzah


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