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Chinese Carded G.I.Joe Figures - Barricade

Carded Figure Close-Up

Card Back Close-Up

Pictured above is another carded Chinese G.I.Joe figure - Barricade. The cards read: "G.I.Joe : The International Heros" (Heroes being mis-spelled). Most of the card's front and back is in Chinese, but some of it is in English. The quality of the card stock, bubble, and figures is very comparable to the quality used in the American, Canadian, and European releases.

While the card identifies the character as "Barricade", the figure is clearly Tiger Force Roadblock (v3, 1988). The accessories are the exact same as the American release.

A *large* number of these Chinese G.I.Joe figures were made available to toy dealers in the United States and abroad. Eight figures in particular are extremely easy to find - the Chinese Duke, Chinese Flint, Tiger Force Roadblock (named Barricade), Lifeline, Dialtone, Destro 92, Cobra Commander 82, and a Chinese-exclusive Major Bludd.

From the collection of: Craig Salitros
Close-Up Image From the collection of: Ed Dam
Card Back From the collection of: William R. Davis


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