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G.I.Joe Vs. The Transformers III: The Art of War (2 of 5)
Short Summary

As Cobra and the GI Joes fight, Serpentor is able to gain control of the GI Joes SNAKE's and they turn on the Autobots. Serpentor crashes the building on all of them as Cobra Commander escapes. Serpentor then is transported to Cybertron where he interrupts a gladiatorial battle between Seacon and Predaking.

Notes of Interest

5 Issue Mini-Series.
A continuation of the story from the two previous Devil's Due GI Joe vs. Transformers Mini series.
Serpentor is created as a mix of human and Transformer.

Major Players

G.I.Joe: Hawk, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Mainframe, Firewall
Cobra: Cobra Commander, Zartan, Zarana, Serpent O.R.(Organic Robot)
Autobots: Arcee, Perceptor, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Hot Rod
Decepticons: Megatron (head only), Predaking (formed by Predacons Rampage, Razorclaw, Headstrong, Tantrum & Divebomb), Piranacon (formed by Seacons Nautilator, Tentakil, Snaptrap, Overbite, Seawing & Skalor)

Creative Team

Script: Tim Seeley, Pencils: Joe Ng, Inks: Rob Ross , Colors: Kevin Yan (Flats by Tom Liu), Letters: Brian Crowley, Editor: Mike Sullivan, Art Produced by: Udon, Udon Chief: Erik Ko, Special Thanks: Mark Powers, Cover: Chris Lie, John Lowe & Jeremy Roberts

Long Summary

On Cybertron, Optimus Prime is monitoring what is happening on Earth.

At an Army base in New Mexico, The Joes and Autobots are fighting the last remains of the Cobra BAT army lead by Cobra Commander. Serpentor has formed and is hiding in the same Army base. Cobra Commander, having gain access to base as the battle above continues, is about to destroy a badly damaged Bumblebee. When Roadblock, Snake-Eyes & Hawk (in their SNAKEs), along with Grimlock, Arcee, Perceptor and Scarlett, having finished off the BAT army, arrive just in time to stop Cobra Commander. He, along with Zartan & Zarana, is taken prisoner.

Serpentor was created as mix of human and Transformer with all the knowledge of both and he considers himself the son of Megatron, whose head, is currently plugged into a computer at the Army base. This is violation of the agreement between Autobots and humans. Serpentor jumps down from the rafters and using his octopus-like appendages to take control of Roadblock, Snake-Eyes and Hawk's SNAKEs. He attempts to take control of Grimlock also, but is denied. The Joe SNAKEs with them unable to control them attack the Autobots. Scarlett being the only Joe not in a SNAKE suit goes after Serpentor, she is easily defeated along with Firewall and Mainframe. Then using his appendages he pulls down the roof on all of the Joes and Autobots. During the ensuing battle Cobra Commander, Zartan & Zarana escape by partially destroying Hawk's SNAKE.

Serpentor escapes to the gate that gives him access to Cybertron.

Back in the main room, the Autobots are helping pull the roof parts off of the Joes.

In the Gladiator Zone on Cybertron, the current home of the Decepticons, The Predacons are chasing after Nautilator. After a brief fight, Nautilator is able to jump into the sea, where he becomes part of Piranacon. The Predacons then form Predaking and a fight between the two Decepticons begins. Just as Predaking is about finish off Seacon, Serpentor, using his appendages, stops the fight by feeding them information about Megatron. Predaking and Piranacon are the first recruits of Serpentor's new army of Decepticons.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

Number 2, April 2006

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