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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: July 2010
Series: G.I. Joe Hearts & Minds
Issue Number: 3

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Interrogator: Interrogator proves his skills at getting information by questioning Thomas Stall. He uses Stall's shame at being a called a coward because of a false video tape showing him running from his fellow soldiers. Deep Six: On his way to attack Cobra soldiers, Deep Six thinks about all of the ways he can die.

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Alternate Covers

For Issue #3C the complete wraparound cover is not shown here.

Released only in Barnes & Noble Bookstores in the magazine sections was the Retailer Exclusive Cover E (it was also available online through B&N's website)

Notes of Interest


Introduction of Thomas Stall, otherwise know as Blackout but his Cobra codename is not mentioned. An he is soldier not apart of Cobra.

Major Continuity Differences


Thomas Stall's personal history

Major Players


Cobra: Interrogator, Cobra Commander, Destro

Additional Characters: Sgt. Thomas Stall, Stall's Army father, Tyler Krakowski, Jesika Samuelson (Both Sta;;'s childhood friends)


Deep Six:

GI Joe: Deep Six

Creative Team

"Hearts & Minds #3"
Writer: Max Brooks

Artist: Howard Chaykin
Colors: Aburtov

Deep Six:
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colors: Lovern Kindzierski

Letters: Robbie Robbins
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Cover Credits
Cover A: Artist: Howard Chaykin, Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover Company: IDW

Cover B: Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Cover C (Retail Incentive, Wraparound): Artist: Howard Chaykin, Colors by Edgar Delgado and Antonio Fuso
Cover Company: IDW

Cover D (Retailer Exclusive - Barnes & Noble): Artist: Howard Chaykin, Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover Company: Barnes & Noble

Full Details


Sergeant Thomas Stall is sitting in a chair in a cell with his hands tied behind his back and standing behind him is Cobra's best man for getting information out of people, Interrogator.

Stall remains silent and Interrogator asks him to speak up. More silence. Interrogator drops Stall's sidearm on the table, tells him there is just one bullet in the chamber. And tells Stall he has a choice to make.

Stall finally speaks saying "It won't work, I'm not afraid to die." Interrogator laughs at the comment. His job is to crack safes, but the safes he deals with are humans. He can easily damage the safe but most of time to get to the contents inside all he has to do is find the key. And that takes study.

He then lists a series of tortures he could do to Stall which are drowning, confined spaces, extreme heat, extreme cold, threats against loved ones, stress positions, animal phobias, drugs like Scopolamine, three-quinuclidinyl, benzilate or sodium pentothal. He suspects that most of those wouldn't work. And normal torture routines like beatings, pulling out fingernails and oral surgery, Stall would probably relish those. He would like being a tortured POW they cab considered the greatest heroes. And that is the key to Sgt. Thomas Stall, being a hero.

Interrogator drops a copy of the Geneva Convention Rules of War on the table in front of Stall. He tells him that Article 3, subsection C expressly forbids "Outrages upon personal dignity in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.

He forces Stall to look at the book and tells he knows that his biggest fear is shame.

So he rolls in a TV which shows grainy footage of a crashed helicopter with Stall and two other soldiers, one injured trying to cover each other. The camera clearly shows Stall's face when he breaks from cover and runs away from his fellow soldiers, leaving them behind.

In the room next door, Cobra Commander and Destro are watching Interrogator do his work.

Interrogator explains that he knows that what he just watched wasn't what really happened that day on the battlefield. But he had the help of a man who calls himself a "Master of Disguise" (A reference to Zartan, see GI Joe Origins #17 & #18 for his story) to help him recreate the scene from the real footage. He then shows Stall the real footage of the battle. The footage shows Stall fighting off the enemy and saving the last round in his gun. But a flash bang grenade goes off right next to him, knocking him out.

Interrogator tells him that they are going to release the video to the public and he is going to be branded a coward. Stall now sweating, closes his eyes, the first sign that Interrogator has started to break him down. Now Interrogator pushes harder reminding Stall of a boyhood memory.

Tyler Krakowski is beating up Stall who is a young boy in front of a girl named Jesika Samuelson. Stall's father in full camouflage dress fatigues and scar on his faces shows up to break up the fight. He looks down at his son and Stall feels shame for losing the fight and failing.

Interrogator tells him they are mailing a copy directly to his father.

Interrogator then takes the gun back and says "That's why I call this a choice." Interrogator wants 5 minutes of talking and he will get his gun back and the real video will be released showing how he was a real American hero and not a coward. Interrogator walks away.

And he thinks to himself "My name is Interrogator. I am Cobra."


Deep Six:

"There is no such thing as cold only the absence of heat." The sunlight fades as it descends down into the depths of the ocean. "There's no such thing as darkness only the absence of light. Hydrogen and Oxygen. Sodium and Chlorine. Saltwater and time. Time to think."

Using a propulsion system, Deep Six moves through the bottom of the ocean all alone. He thinks to himself about all the ways he can die.

He has a vision of imploding because of the pressure of the ocean. Then of getting a microscopic breach that leads to a leak in his suit which causes flooding. Another option is his propulsion system catching on fire killing him by smoke inhalation. His batteries could detonate from the heat of the fire. Then there is asphyxiation or trapped by a rock slide or trapped in a wreck. He could lose power which would cause the oxygen to stop flowing, then CO2 scrubbers could stop working, either way he would suffocate. He thinks "Maybe I would go quietly suffocating in euphoria or maybe in blind panic, screaming, sobbing and praying. Either way I would die like a fish gasping out of water and maybe my last living brain cells would recognize the irony. So much time to think. So many ways to die."

The timer on his head's up display shows his distance to his target.

On the bottom of the ocean floor with just a little bit of the sun's rays leaking down to their depth, Deep Six sees a submarine that 4 Cobra soldiers are stealing a missile from. He locks his torpedoes on the 4 soldiers and fires. All of his torpedoes hit their targets but 2 torpedoes are fired in return. So Deep Six begins to speed away. As he races away from the torpedo, he discharges a countermeasure that destroys one torpedo but the other keeps coming. Now he is racing but the torpedo is gaining. The ways to die begin playing through his head again. Once the torpedo is within one yard, it runs out of fuel. He is saved and mission accomplished.

"Time to think about the next time."

He thinks to himself "My name is Deep Six. I am GI Joe."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.

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