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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Issue Date: March 2011
Series: IDW's Miscellaneous
Issue Number: Anthology

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"Duty Roster & Introduction" Max Brooks
"Snake Eyes" Chuck Dixon
"Flint and Steel" Jonathan Maberry
"Speed Trap" Duane Swierczynski
"Just a Game" Matt Forbeck
"Unfriendly Fire" Jonathan Mc Goran
"The Gun Show" Dennis Tafoya
"Message in a Bottle" John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow
"Exorcist" Max Brooks

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Notes of Interest

There is black & white artwork intermixed in each story.

Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes is fluent in Leet Speak


Flint & Steel
The characters are named after characters in Shakespeare's "The Tempest."

Caliban's voice choices included Morgan Freeman, Mark Hamill, and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Death of Jukebox, Schoolgirl, Bruiser, ShockJock, Teacher's Pet, and Monster.


Speed Trap
Introduction of Skidmark Released in September 2010 in the Cobra Special #2 and then re-released with the anthology in March of 2011.

Major Continuity Differences

Completely new characterization of Skidmark.


Just a Game
Barrel Roll is the second best Joe sniper after Crosshair.

Introduction of "Joe-bots" very similar to PAC RATS

Major Continuity Differences


Unfriendly Fire
Equipment used the JOLT, an ATV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) and the SRAT (Specialized Reconnaissance Assault and Transport System)

Duke says knowing is half the battle

Major Continuity Differences


The Gun Show
Red Dog played football in Alabama for the Crimson Tide.

Bludd is much older gray-haired, the past of Bludd is mentioned, his tattoo the connection to foreign legion.

Major Continuity Differences


Message in a Bottle
References to Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest and Pink Floyd

Major Continuity Differences


Several references to 80's TV and movies are made.

Major Continuity Differences

Major Players

Snake Eyes
GI Joe: Helix, Mainframe, Scarlett, Shareware, Snake Eyes

Cobra: Anastasia Decobray(Baroness), Error, Emil, Bruni, Paltz,

Additional Characters: Dr. Averill Hanover, Yuri Koliabskaia, Caroline Hanover ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Flint & Steel
GI Joe: Flint, Doc, Scarlett, Law and Order, Flash and New Joes: Jukebox, Schoolgirl, Bruiser, Shock Jock, Teacher's Pet, Monster

Cobra: Destro, Cobra Commander, Dr. Allyn Prospero, Professor Elisabeth Miranda ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Speed Trap:
GI Joe: Skidmark, Dial Tone

Cobra: Interceptor Three, Red Head Watcher

Additional Characters: Aunt Maria, Becky Campbell, Kyle Campbell (Becky's son), Dr. George Sykes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Just a Game
GI Joe: Brainstorm, Scarlett, Duke, Barrel Roll, General Hawk

Cobra: Destro

Additional Characters: Krivoshapkin (AKA Krivo), Vasily ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unfriendly Fire
GI Joe: Duke, Tripwire, Scarlett, Heavy Duty, Flint, Footloose, Stalker, Ripcord, General Hawk, Brainstorm, Chuckles

Additional Characters: Irina, General Aramen Alexi, General Grigori, Rudolph Pines ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Gun Show
GI Joe: Duke, Red Dog, Shipwreck, Showtime, Sneak Peek, Crosshair, Dial Tone, General Hawk, Scarlett, Breaker, Dee Jay, Stalker, Doc

Cobra: Sebastion (Major) Bludd (this is how it is spelled in the story)

Additional Characters: Baltasar Al Mani, Karim Harb, Yellow tie(Viktor Rada), Green tie, Richard Foster McDonnell, Detective Olivia Tejada, Joseph Bamba, Frank & Gordon Kohl ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Message in a Bottle
GI Joe: Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Breaker, Roadblock, Recondo, Tunnel Rat

Cobra: Baroness

Additional Characters: Gram Fensler, Yeti, Rijs, Blinky, Rakko, Ricardo Uribe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

GI Joe: Scarlett

Additional Characters: Mike Khan, Steve Morgan, Dr. Black

Creative Team

"GI Joe: Tales of the Cobra Wars"

Editor: Max Brooks
Illustrations: Michael Montenat
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cover Credits:
Cover Artist: Gabrielle Dell'Otto
Cover Company: IDW

"Snake Eyes"
Writers: Chuck Dixon
Editor: Max Brooks

"Flint & Steel"
Writers: Jonathan Maberry
Editor: Max Brooks

"Speed Trap"
Writers: Duane Swierczynski
Editor: Max Brooks

"Just A Game"
Writers: Matt Forbeck
Editor: Max Brooks

"Unfriendly Fire"
Writers: Jonathan McGoran
Editor: Max Brooks

"The Gun Show"
Writers: Dennis Tafoya
Editor: Max Brooks

"Message in a Bottle"
Writers: John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow
Editor: Max Brooks

Writer: Max Brooks
Editor: Max Brooks

Full Details

"Snake Eyes " -- Cobra kidnaps Dr. Averill Hanover a mathematician. They force him to work on a formula that would destabilize an economy. Scarlett and Mainframe monitor Snake Eyes, from the Pit, as he investigates and attempts to rescue Dr. Hanover from an old Franciscan monastery. The Baroness threatens to kill Dr. Hanover's daughter Caroline if he does not work with Error their computer expert to create the formula.

"Flint and Steel " -- Flint and his team are sent to "The Island" to test a new weapons system's strength. They are unaware there is a feud between Destro and Dr. Prospero for a contract from Cobra Commander. Destro takes over a remote system on The Island and sabotages Dr. Prospero's test. The Joes have just become targets.

"Speed Trap" -- Skidmark is given a mission to drive from Amarillo, Texas pick up a passenger in Flagstaff, Arizona and arrive in Boulder City, Nevada with him safely in less then 9 hours. A Cobra agent in an armored and weaponized SUV chases him the entire way.

"Just a Game" -- Brainstorm is the key player in this tale about an investigation of an old gulag in the former Soviet Union. They believe it is used as a gold farming operation for video games. It is an ideal opportunity to test the Joe-bots. Destro takes over control of the Joe-bots turning them against Duke and the other Joes. They have the fight of their lives to escape.

"Unfriendly Fire" -- While on a humanitarian mission in the country of Tarkestan, Duke finds himself deep in the middle of a civil war. A simple arms deal turns into a set up for assassination. Warned not to take sides and to retain the Rules of Engagement or ROE. Duke must tread cautiously in trying to stop a tragedy.

"The Gun Show" -- Duke and Red Dog's arms deal bust does not go as planned when a crazed religious nut attacks a financial institution across the street. Duke works with Detective Tejada and after much intel and tracking down of Robert and Gordon Kohl's religious arms supplying organization, find themselves on a mission. The Joes go to an arms facility and stir up a hornets nest, Bludd makes an appearance with a prototype weapon. The Joes manage to destroy the weapon but the arms dealers are all still at large.

"Message in a Bottle" -- A computer hacker who works for Cobra finds himself in a heap of trouble when he contacts the Joe team. He has to fight his way out of the Cobra base when his actions turn everyone in the base against him. He thinks he is going to escape but it is all part of Cobra's test.

"Exorcist" -- A transcript of an interview that Scarlett gives to Hawk to look at a potential new Joe for Project Exorcist. The contents of the transcript include a interview with Mike Khan who relays a story about a Vietnam veteran he knew as a child.

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