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Short Summary

Ripper and Buzzer- the Dreadnoks - have stolen an new weapon from ACTION FORCE's testing site in Stonebury. Bazooka, ACTION FORCE's missile specialist wants it back - and he's prepared to fight for it! The Caulder Shopping Precinct may never be same again!

Notes of Interest

32p, $1.25 US, $1.75 CAN.
Reprints a portion of G.I.Joe #38 (Marvel) and G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 (Marvel).
Action Force video adtertisement. Toy advertisement featuring Skystriker, Dragonfly and F.A.N.G.s.
Full page Combat Colin comic.
T.A.C. Poster - A.W.E. Striker
Mail Call! Letters from readers.

Major Players

Bazooka, Flint
Ripper, Buzzer
Phelps, Alfred Taylor

Creative Team

Script: Ian Rimmer, Pencils: Phil Gascoine, Inks: Dave Harwood, Letters: Nick Abadzis, Colour: Nick Abadzis, Editor: Richard Starking, Assistant Editor: Steve White

Return of the Oktober Guard (originally appeared as uncredited in G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 (Marvel)

Script: Larry Hama, Art: Michael Golden, Letters: Joe Rosen, Colour: George Roussos

Long Summary

As Bazooka, in the A.W.E. Striker, speeds into the Caulder Shopping Precinct, Buzzer and Ripper take aim on him with the stolen experimental weapon. Bazooka swerves out of the way to avoid them, crashing into a clothing store full of mannequins.

Buzzer figures out that the weapon isn't working, and he and Ripper tear off on their motorcycles, Bazooka in hot pursuit. Alfred Taylor, a retired soldier, watches the chase.

Taylor spills oil on the floor, causing the Dreadnoks to crash. The Dreadnoks regroup and escape, leaving the weapon behind.

Bazooka tells Taylor that he deserves a medal, and the old soldier reveals that he is already a highly decorated soldier. Bazooka salutes him and leaves the mall.

Flint radios Bazooka, telling him that the weapon is useless. Flint tells Phelps to have Bazooka repair the hole in the fence when he gets back.


G.I.Joe #38 (Marvel)

G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 (Marvel)

Number 34, October 24, 1987

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