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Short Summary

On any other Sunday, Bazooka, ACTION FORCE's missile specialist, would sit down and put his fieet up or maybe take the dog for a walk. However, on this particular Sunday, Bazooka has work to do, down at the ACTION FORCE weapon testing site in Stonebury. Unfortunately for him, COBRA's Dreadnoks aren't putting their feed up this week either...

Notes of Interest

32p, $1.25 US, $1.75 CAN.
Reprints a portion of G.I.Joe #38 (Marvel) and G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 (Marvel).
Contest to win Annuals.
Full page Combat Colin comic.

Major Players

Buzzer, Ripper
Phelps, Alfred Taylor

Creative Team

Script: Ian Rimmer, Pencils: Phil Gascoine, Inks: Dave Harwood, Letters: Nick Abadzis, Colour: Euan Peters, Editor: Richard Starking, Assistant Editor: Steve White

Return of the Oktober Guard (originally appeared as uncredited in G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 (Marvel)

Script: Larry Hama, Art: Michael Golden, Letters: Joe Rosen, Colour: George Roussos

Long Summary

For most, Sunday is a day of rest. This Sunday, Bazooka is busy testing a new core support gun, Buzzer and Ripper are out causing trouble, and retired soldier Alfred Taylor is out for a walk.

As Bazooka tries to adjust the sight on the weapon, the weapons tech person, Phelps, is knocked out. Buzzer and Ripper take the new weapon, and ride off laughing.

Bazooka, in the A.W.E. Striker, follows the trail of destruction and catches up to the Dreadnoks, and the Dreadnoks lead Bazooka into the mall where Alfred Taylor sits.


G.I.Joe #38 (Marvel)

G.I.Joe Yearbook #2 (Marvel)

Number 33, October 17, 1987

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