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Dummy Run / Beached Whale Part Two
Short Summary

Out on Salisbury Plain, an ACTION FORCE Mauler tank is preparing to test a new anti-helicopter weapon. But when two COBRA F.A.N.G.s arrive on the scene, the Mauler crew find themselves facing the ultimate test as they are forced to fight for their lives!

Notes of Interest

Reprints a portion of G.I.Joe #29 (Marvel).
32p, $1.00 US, $1.50 CAN.
Non-G.I.Joe half page comic strip: Combat Colin, 6 page non-G.I.Joe Shang-Chi story.
Mail Call! - letters from readers
Toy advertisement features A.W.E. Striker, Night Attack Stinger, Bazooka, Dusty, Barbecue and Crankcase.
Wrap-Around cover, contest to win art.
Major Players

Heavy Metal, Flint, Lady Jaye
Destro, Crimson Guard

Creative Team

Script: Steve White, Art: Geoff Senior, Letters: Starkings, Colour: Steve White, Cover: Geoff Senior and John Burns

Long Summary

Heavy Metal, Flint and Lady Jaye take the mauler past Stonehenge in into the Salisbury Plain, passing an old hippie on the way.

The 'old hippie' calls for a COBRA airstrike, and two F.A.N.G.s rise from the treeline. ACTION FORCE is able to defeat the two F.A.N.G.s, the second with their new anti-helicopter missile.

The 'old hippie' changes out of his disguise - it was Destro! Destro vows to obtain a round of the anti-helicopter missile and copy and sell it to Cobra Commander, as well as two new F.A.N.G.s!


G.I.Joe #29 (Marvel)

Number 18, July 4, 1987

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