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Agent Faces


Pictured above is a preproduction version of Agent Faces as the figure appeared on a product insert catalog. Note that the pants are colored to appear like blue jeans with gray chaps. Also, the shirt is black instead of white and the coat matches the darker gray used on the pants/chaps. The shade of green used is different than what was produced.

The waist is also very different in that has a different construction and appears to have two belts sculpted instead of just one. But the most noteworthy construction difference with this figure is that there are swivel joints located above both knees.

Additional Images:

The same figure appeared at several conventions.

It also appeared at Hasbro's official website.

The art on the filecard also came closer to matching the colors pictured on the preproduction figure (however the art from Hasbro's site above featured a green shirt and the art on the file featured an orange shirt).

While several production-level hard copies of Agent Faces with this color pattern have become available to collectors, it is likely that these were produced in quantity by the workers at the factory where G.I. Joe figures are produced, rather than actually being created at Hasbro's request. It should be noted that these Agent Faces figures do not have the added leg articulation and also feature the same waist mold as the produced figure.

Image courtesy of: www.gijoe.com


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