Commando Attack Board Game

Pictured above is the Official G.I.Joe Commando Attack Game. Released by Milton Bradley in 1985, the object of the game was "To be the first to attack the enemy headquarters."

A brief overview of the instructions. There are stands colored red, orange, blue, and green. The red and orange are G.I.Joe, while the blue and green are Cobra. When two people play, one player controls G.I.Joe and the other controls Cobra. When playing with four people, each player controls a color. The stands can either hold a G.I.Joe action figure, or it can hold up a cardboard picture of the characters.

Some information on the box - the game is for 2-4 players, ages 8-14, and it features a giant-size gameboard (almost 9 square feet - doubles as a play set for other G.I.Joe Action Figures), over-sized pawns (starring favorites from the G.I.Joe and Cobra Commands), and an iron-on team badge of Flint.

Take a look at the playing pieces from the game.

View the cover of the instructions.

From the collection of Kevin Jones.

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