Live the Adventure Board Game

Pictured above is the box for the Live the Adventure board game. Released by Milton Bradley in 1986, the object of the game was "Outfox the Cobras in this game of suprise attacks." It also cliams that you should "Battle the Cobras and be the first to win 6 Badges of Honor."

The game is for 2 to 4 players ages 6 to 10. It comes with a gameboard, plastic stand, die, 24 Badges of Honor, 12 Energy Tokens, G.I. Joe Playing Piece, 2 G.I. Joe Defence Cards, and 2 Cobra Attack Cards.

The G.I. Joe Playing Piece is shared by all players. Depending on the player's roll, the playing piece can land on a Cobra space, Cobra Force space, or an Energy Space. Landing on a Cobra space means that you are being attacked by a lone cobra soldier. Landing on a Cobra Force space means that you are being attacked by a whole Cobra Force. Energy spaces let regain lost energy.

Large box picture from the collection of Jason "HighVolt" Marckel.
Small box picture from the collection of Jon Dailey.
Loose picture from the collection of Robert "EagleEye Joe" Culpepper.

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