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G.I.Joe is so much more than just action figures and vehicles. Lunchboxes, trading cards, books, videos, records, frisbees... The Collectibles Archive showcases just some of the many sides to G.I.Joe.

Do you have something that would fit in well in the Collectibles Archive? Is it rare, unusual, cheezy, or just plain COOL? Please contact us.

  • Action Figures-Not G.I.Joe:
    Not all action figures are G.I.Joe - some are very similar or related.

  • Advertisements:
    How they get us to want to buy G.I.Joes.

  • Art of G.I.Joe:
    The artist's vision - drawn, sketched, and painted.

  • Autographs:
    The people who make G.I.Joe put their signature on their work.

  • Books:
    G.I.Joe books, storybooks, records.

  • Carrying Cases:
    With over 500+ figures, there's always a market for new and different ways to store them.

  • Catalogs:
    Yearly inserts covering the whole G.I.Joe line for the given year.

  • Clothing:
    G.I.Joe you could wear - t-shirts, shoes, belts, watches...

  • Collector Books:
    Recommended reading.

  • Coloring Books:
    G.I.Joe coloring books.

  • Fan Clubs:
    Official promotional tie-in clubs providing updates and exclusive items.

  • Games:
    Video, Board, Card, and more.

  • Inserts:
    Promotional inserts and flyers packaged with vehicles and figures.

  • Lunchboxes:
    Is there any greater elementary school memory than the lunchbox?

  • G.I.Joe Mail-In Offers:
    Hasbro Direct offered G.I.Joe via mail-order.

  • Magazines:
    G.I.Joe Magazines, Newsletters, and Comics.

  • Miscellaneous:
    G.I.Joe stuff that doesn't fall into other categories.

  • Not Just Action Figures:
    Action figures aren't the only toys with the G.I.Joe logo on it.

  • Party Supplies:
    Birthday parties are never complete without the Real American Hero.

  • Posters:
    Hang your G.I.Joe from the wall.

  • Prototypes:
    Before they become toys in the stores, they're prototypes.

  • Puzzles:
    Just confusing enough to be fun - puzzles!

  • School Supplies:
    Every kid had toys - every kid goes to school.

  • Self Care:
    What little kid's bathroom was complete without this stuff?

  • Statuary:
    Busts, Mini Busts, Statues and more!

  • Trading Cards:
    No childhood is complete without trading cards.

  • Unknown:
    I need help identifying the sources of these things. Can you i.d. these?

  • Unproduced Toys:
    Every year, ideas for G.I.Joe toys - both good and bad - fell by the wayside.

  • Videos/DVDs/CD-Roms:
    The 1980s saw the emergence of the VCR as a mainstay of American homes - G.I.Joe videos were there.

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