Sound Attack

(Whose Helmet Or Backpack Is This?)

G.I.Joe Accessory Identification

The only thing harder to keep track of than the 500+ G.I.Joe action figures released since 1982 are the many guns, backpacks, helmets, and knives that were included with the figures. With almost 1800 different G.I.Joe accessories, identifying them was once a long, arduous task. But not anymore.


If you have an accessory and don't know which figure it came with, follow the instructions below and let WHOBIT help you identify where it came from.

Determine the accessory's color

Choose the color that most closely resembles the color of the accessory. If the accessory has several colors, choose the one that you think is the dominant color.

NOTE: Inspect the accessory closely and make sure it hasn't been repainted in any way.

Sound Attack: New Sound Attack weapons are under their respective colors as well as the "Sound Attack" section.

You may have noticed that many entries in the WHOBIT have taken on a new look. Over time, WHOBIT is being updated. As new accessories are entered, older entries that link to those will be updated to this new form.

Information being added includes accessory names, when available; color clarifications; pertinent data, such as copyright dates on specific versions of battle stands; and notes about the accessory with regard to differentiating it from other, closely related accessories.

Other Hasbro non-G.I.Joe accessories will be included under their own sections to help identify many of them and show their connection to existing accessories, such as Mortal Kombat and Stargate. In time, similar, non-Hasbro accessories may also be included to help clarify their origins, including some Lanard "The Corps!" accessories and bootleg accessories. The non-Hasbro accessories will only provide what line or company made the accessory, as our intention is not to archive non-Hasbro non-G.I.Joe related accessories.

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