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YoJoe ID: 118-HAF-1988-STORMSHA-02

Series: Seven (1988)

Storm Shadow (v2) was released carded as part of the seventh series (1988). He was also sold in 1989 and discontinued domestically in 1990.

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Storm Shadow (v2) came with a black bow, a black claw, a red sword, and a red backpack.

Filecard Information

File Name: Classified
Primary Specialty: Covert Operations

Storm Shadow served with Snake-Eyes in Southeast Asia and both of them later studied the secret arts of Ninjitsu with Storm Shadow's family, a ninja clan that could trace its history back through thirty generations of assassins. Unhinged by the murder of his uncle and mentor, he infiltrated Cobra, seeking revenge but found vengeance to be a poor substitute for life. Now, in semiretirement at a remote mountain hideaway, he occasionally takes on a special mission or two-if Snake-Eyes asks him nicely.

"A ninja is a silent wraith with a razor-edged blade in one hand and a scaling-grapple in the other. Ninjas can penetrate the most sophisticated defenses and leave without a trace. They are mystic swordsmen, spies, assassins, acrobats, quick-change artists and conjurors. Most people will tell you that ninjas don't exist. That's exactly what the ninjas want you to believe..."


No variations of Storm Shadow (v2) are known to exist.

Featured In

Storm Shadows with a copyright stamp on the figure that says "Made in Hong Kong" feature a lighter paint tone on the arms than Storm Shadows with a copyright stamp on the figure that says "Made in China."

Body Construction

Storm Shadow (v2)'s body mold is entirely original and not made up from previous molds. The mold was later used to make Storm Shadow (v16) (2004).

Versions of Storm Shadow (v2)

In 2006, a Tommy Arashikage figure was released, showing Storm Shadow from his years prior to Cobra and G.I. Joe.

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Reference Information

The below information contains information about references to various collector's guides, Hasbro references, original retail prices, and other reference material related to Storm Shadow (v2).

Original Retail: $2.55
Hasbro Product: 6507
RAHC: n/a
Lee's Guide: GIJ-88010
Desimone Guide: #196
Tomart's Guide: #GI5908
The Ultimate Guide: Pg. 116 (1st Ed.), Pg. 172 (2nd Ed.)
Action Figure Archive Guide: n/a
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