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3 3/4" 2011 G.I. Joe Action Figures

More Pursuit of Cobra figure waves filled the first half of 2011, before transitioning to the 30th Anniversary line in the summer. Despite being a year early, the 30th Anniversary line continues to modernize fan-favorite characters, as well as creating toys based on the short-lived G.I. Joe: Renegades cartoon.

2011 - Series Twenty Seven

10 -
12 - 2010
Pursuit of Cobra - G.I. Joe
Pursuit of Cobra - Cobra
Ross Exclusive
30th Anniversary - G.I. Joe
30th Anniversary - G.I. Joe Vehicle Drivers
30th Anniversary - Cobra
30th Anniversary - Cobra Vehicle Drivers
Slaughter's Marauders Battle Set
Dreadnoks Battle Set
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