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3 3/4" 2004 G.I. Joe Action Figures

Valor vs Venom takes center stage, along with Action Attack gimmicks and animal-themed Cobra troops. Toys R Us exclusive six packs and comic book three packs expand the offerings for collectors.

2004 - Series Twenty

03 -
05 - 2003
G.I. Joe Valor vs Venom
G.I. Joe Vehicle Drivers
Cobra Valor vs Venom
Cobra Vehicle Drivers
Comic Book 3 Packs - Set #1
Comic Book 3 Packs - Set #2
Comic Book 3 Packs - Set #3
Comic Book 3 Packs - Set #4
Comic Book 3 Packs - Set #5
Gum Bits
Single Carded (Wave 1)
Single Carded (Wave 2)
Wal-Mart Exclusives Joes
Wal-Mart Exclusives Cobras
Anti-Venom Task Force (TRU exclusive)
Cobra Infantry Forces (TRU exclusive)
Cobra Strike Team - Urban Division (TRU exclusive)
Desert Patrol Squad (TRU exclusive)
Night Force (TRU exclusive)
Ninja Cobra Strike Force (TRU exclusive)
Operation Avalanche (K-Mart exclusive)
Voice FX Duke Bonus (Toys R Us exclusive)
G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive
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